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Serious About Safety

Round-the-Clock Commitment


Bayview Construction and Rocky Road Recycling are COR-Certified. Our entire team of leaders, managers, and workers are committed to maintaining the safest worksites possible. Safety doesn't begin when we clock in or stop when we punch out. To us, safety is a 24-hour commitment.

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Continuous Training

Our employees receive various levels of job training depending on their positions and tasks. No employee is allowed to take on any new task without adequate training. We believe in the maxim: learning continues for a lifetime.

Preventing On-the-Job Injuries

Teamwork is at the heart of injury prevention. New employees are assigned mentors to ensure they understand our safety culture. We focus on preventing injuries by providing proper training, underlining hazard recognition with controls, and establishing appropriate teamwork levels.

Safety Versus Training

At Bayview Construction and Rocky Road Recycling, we're building a culture of safety, not just following a program. By incorporating safety into our production tasks, we've ensured that safely doing things is the only way we work. In essence, safety has become our way of life.